The account number communicated for the transfer is that of the owner of the registry. If it is not correct, the best is to contact him via his list.

As donations are paid directly to the bank account of the owners of the registry, we cannot answer this question. If in doubt, you may contact the owner of the registry. 

Enter the first or last name of one of the holders of the list (not both). Attention for particle names, please put quotation marks "xxx" (ex: "Van ilecs", "de Moreau"). If you can't find the registry through the search engine, the list may be hidden by its owners. In this case, you will need the direct link, probably indicated on the birth/wedding card.

Kadolog offers many possibilities to receive the gifts: in hand, in cash via a bank transfer, via an online payment... It is the owner of the registry who decides the method. If the chosen method does not suit you, you always have the possibility to communicate it to the owner of the list via the contact button "contact".

Kadolog is a platform allowing its users to create wish lists of gifts independently in the context of a birth, a wedding or any other event. As payments are made directly to the bank account of the owners of the lists (individuals), we will not be able to send you an invoice. You will still be able to print a “booking  receipt” via the confirmation email you have received.

You will receive a confirmation email that will take over the modalities to materialize your gift. If you do not find the email, check in your junk mail/spams. If it is not there, contact Kadolog via the Contact form, specifying your name and the list on which the gift was reserved. We will send you the confirmation email as soon as possible.

Yes, if the person to who you would like to offer the gift has selected the online payment option when creating his/her gift registry.

If your booking confirmation email is not very clear and that you do not see how to achieve your gift, it is probably because the owner of the list did not specify how he wanted to be pampered. Do not hesitate to contact them directly for more information. You can do so easily via his/her list by clicking on the link "Contact the Kadologger".

If the payment has not yet been made, you can, via the link received in the confirmation email, cancel your booking to start a new one. If the payment has already been made, the easiest is to contact directly the person to whom you want to please, via his/her registry by clicking on the link "contact XXX (the owner of the registry". 

In the confirmation email you have received, you have a link that allows you to cancel your reservation, if the online payment has not yet been made. Be careful, you have 7 days to cancel it yourself. If the payment has been made, you will have to contact the owner of the registry.