The Magic button may not work on some online shops. You will still be able to create the gift yourself (adding an image, a price and a description) on your registry and add a URL.

This is possible... Our magic tool is not foolproof. But you can change each of these information (price, description …) before you add the gift to your list.

When you are on an e-shop, and on the page of a product that pleases you; Click on the previously added button (“the kadolog magic bouton” on your toolbar) to your favorites. A blue frame surrounds the photo of the product that can be added. Then click on "Add to my Wishlist". There you go...

Our magic button works under Internet Explorer, but you may encounter some instability. We can only advise you to use another browser such as Firefox or Chrome.

To do this, click on "View" and select "Toolbar". Click on "Bookmarks Toolbar".

Drag the button to your Favorites bar. See this page for more details:

The Magic button is a tool that allows you to fill your list of gifts in one click from any e-shop.