If you opt for online payment, your friends and relatives will be able to pay their gift directly on your Kadolog registry (Mastercard, VISA, Bancontact…). To do this, Kadolog will have previously opened a secure payment account, in your name, via our Lemonway banking partner. You will be able to repatriate the money received directly to your own bank account at any time.

When you create your registry, you enter your own account number (IBAN). It is this number that is transmitted to people who offer you a gift, by email. Your friends and relatives will then make a transfer to your account. You will receive the money on your account number directly. 

Go to "List settings" and change your IBAN on the main screen.

Please send recent documents (less than 3 months) to prove your residence in Euro Zone: GSM invoice, electricity/gas/water bill are accepted. See list of documents accepted on the page: www.kadolog.com/wallet (“documents”). Most of the other documents will be refused (pay slip, insurance documents …). Please also ensure that the name of the account number holder (IBAN) is the same as that of the documents sent.

You can disable online payment at any time and choose another option to receive your gifts (by hand, via bank transfer, etc). To do this, go to the menu and click on "List Settings" and then "General Information", you will be able to select another method to receive your gifts/donations.

If you propose the online payment on your registry for your friends and relatives, all donations will be paid on your “wallet”. You will be able to manage and bring your payments at any time in one click  on your own bank account via this page: www.kadolog.com/en/wallet