Adding gifts

Yes, this is possible, if you select “free participation” for the gift (select “edit” below the gift). You decide on which gifts “free participation” can apply. Your loved ones will then choose how much they will participate on that gift.

Yes through the screen “manage my gifts”, you can hide the gifts. They will no longer appear in your list. You make them reappear whenever you want.

You can go to the registry and click on "edit" below the gift and then tick the box "show this gift as already offered”.

Go to your registry and select from the menu (on the left) "Manage Gifts". You'll get the list of gifts. You can make a “drag and drop” and change the order of the gifts in your list. Don't forget to save these changes.

The different methods of receiving gifts

If you opt for online payment, your friends and relatives will be able to pay their gift directly on your Kadolog registry (Mastercard, VISA, Bancontact…). To do this, Kadolog will have previously opened a secure payment account, in your name, via our Lemonway banking partner. You will be able to repatriate the money received directly to your own bank account at any time.

When you create your registry, you enter your own account number (IBAN). It is this number that is transmitted to people who offer you a gift, by email. Your friends and relatives will then make a transfer to your account. You will receive the money on your account number directly. 

Go to "List settings" and change your IBAN on the main screen.

Please send recent documents (less than 3 months) to prove your residence in Euro Zone: GSM invoice, electricity/gas/water bill are accepted. See list of documents accepted on the page: (“documents”). Most of the other documents will be refused (pay slip, insurance documents …). Please also ensure that the name of the account number holder (IBAN) is the same as that of the documents sent.

You can disable online payment at any time and choose another option to receive your gifts (by hand, via bank transfer, etc). To do this, go to the menu and click on "List Settings" and then "General Information", you will be able to select another method to receive your gifts/donations.

If you propose the online payment on your registry for your friends and relatives, all donations will be paid on your “wallet”. You will be able to manage and bring your payments at any time in one click  on your own bank account via this page:

The confidentiality of my registry

Yes, it is possible. To do this go to the menu of your list "List settings " then tab "privacy". You will be able to add an “access password” to your list.

Yes, it is possible. To do this go to the menu of your list "List settings " then tab "privacy". You can hide your registry and decide at any time to make it visible.

Go to the menu of your list "settings in the list" then "Privacy" tab. You can ask not to be referenced on the search engines.

Receive gifts on my list

Sometimes some people book a gift and then decide to cancel it. In fact, your loved ones have the possibility to cancel their reservation for 7 days. 

It is rare that this happens, but it is indeed possible. In this case you also have an option to send reminders (on behalf of Kadolog)

Kadolog is not an intermediary, and therefore does not deal to manage payments or to buy gifts. The site allows people to create and manage their list, without any intermediary, with a multitude of small interesting tools. Benefactors book their gift on the list so that it is not offered by someone else. The rest happens outside the site. Users therefore decided themselves of how they can be pampered. Either indicating the mode of reception of gifts in the description of their list, either by indicating their account number which will be sent by email to the benefactors or their Paypal account. They will be then invited, online and via email, to make the payment of the amount of the gift.

Kadolog will allow you to collect donations for your honeymoon and you can, if you wish, break down your trip into different parts to which your family can participate (eg hours of flight, a hotel night, an excursion…). Here is an example of what you can do for your honeymoon list.

Make sure that you are well registered and that your registry is open, then go here for your subscription:

To change the settings of the registry, you can go to "list Settings" in the menu to the left of your registry.
Be careful: it is not possible to use an old Premium list for another event – so a single registry cannot be used for multiple events (e.g. to use again an old wedding registry to create a birth registry or a first child's birth registry for the second child....). In this case, you need to create another registry. Be aware that your Premium lists remain open as long as you wish, there is no closing date, so you will always be able to receive gifts of the registry but after 12 months (from the date of Subscription), it will no longer be possible to change the parameters of the registries.

As soon as a gift is booked, it can no longer be offered by anyone else. If you have divided the price of a gift into several parts, then only the remaining amount is available.
Those people will receive a confirmation email with all details of the booked gift and payment method.

Yes, you will be able to manage indicators such as: "I received this gift", or "I thanked" in the tab "my gifts Received".

You will be warned as soon as a gift is booked on your list. Be aware that for gift with online payment method, you will be informed by mail only when the gift is paid. In addition, the "My Gifts received" tab will give you a complete view of all your booked gifts (paid and unpaid).

You can divide a gift into several parts, making sure to adjust the price of each share (a gift of 1500 euros can be , for example, divided into 3 “shares/parts” of 500 euros).

By creating or modifying the settings of your list, you have the possibility to activate the payment by Paypal with your Paypal account. When someone will reserve a gift on your list, he will be invited to concretize it by Paypal. If he decides to proceed as such (you can set other payment options), he will be then directed on the Paypal page where he may proceed to payment by credit card. At this time, the gift is marked as paid by the Paypal P in your list of received gifts. But feel free to do the test yourself. It's free and you can cancel the reservation of the gift without problem.
Kadolog allows you to put the gifts of your choice. You create them yourself, or you use the search engine which will find what has already been created by other users. When creating your list, you specify your own account number. It is this number that is transmitted to people that offers you a gift, by e-mail. So you're getting all of the donations on your bank account directly. You can then buy the gifts reserved on your list yourself, in the shop of your choice.
If you want, you can specify a bank account number or Paypal. Offerors will be invited via a confirmation email, to transfer the amount of the gift directly on your bank account. Or if you entered your Paypal account, they can directly make the payment online.
Persons wishing to offer you a gift will be able to book it on your list. They will then receive a confirmation email. If you specified when creating your list, offerors will be then invited, via the same email confirmation, to pay the amount of the gift directly to your bank account. You could also opt for an online payment on your Paypal account, a hand-delivery, or delivered to the address specified in the description of your Kadolog or by cheque sent to your address...