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Kadolog was born in 2008 thanks to two young Belgian entrepreneurs, Thomas Verhulst and Olivier Riesen, who found that there were a lack of options for creating your own online gift registry.

While trying to create a registry for his wedding, Thomas was unable to find the ideal solution. He could only find lists that were linked to individual shops, registry services that took a large commission or lists where he was not allowed to choose which shops the gifts came from. Thomas felt the urge to fill this gap with a website that would allow you to create all types of wish lists. Olivier quickly joined him and, after a few months of development, the website was officially launched on 1 June 2008.

Since then, many features have been added to the website and the team was joined by S茅gol猫ne le Grelle in 2013. Today, Kadolog鈥檚 main markets are in Belgium, France, Luxembourg and Switzerland, but the website is also available elsewhere.

Above all, Kadolog is a beautiful adventure in entrepreneurial spirit, friendship and humanity. We love to be close to our customers, to offer innovative solutions and to always be one step ahead. Today, Kadolog offers the most complete solution on the market.

We are constantly welcoming new local partners who we are delighted to support through our platform.

Shall we get to know each other?


Degreed in Civil engineer, Thomas focuses on the development of all new features of Kadolog. Specialist in Drupal, the core of the site has no more secrets for him.

Passionate about photos, travel, baseball, tennis, Thomas spends all of his time remaining time to his lovely wife and their children.


Graduated in computer science and consultant SAP - HR, Olivier takes care of the whole visible parts of Kadolog and a good part of what is happening behind the scenes also.

Olivier is passionate about everything that can be read, cooked, drunk, listen and looked! Field hockey, tennis and running enable him to breath before devoting himself to his family.


Master in Business Management and after a 12 years career at an american multinational company - assiduous and convinced user of Kadolog, S茅gol猫ne joined the team in June 2013 to develop and participate in the extension of Kadolog in Belgium and abroad. Passionated for marketing, it will be the female eyes of the team!

Passionate about everything that touches on the decor, painting and dance (classical, contemporary or modern), S茅gol猫ne feels good when she is surrounded by her beloved, her children,... and nice associates, of course ;-)!

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