What is Kadolog?

Kadolog helps you create and manage your gift lists (wedding registry, baby registry, registries for Christmas, birthdays, etc.) with total freedom. With one of our formulas (which are very popular for births/weddings) we offer you the opportunity to receive the cash equivalent of the gifts directly into your bank account so that you can buy the gifts you want yourself. Kadolog will function as your digital wedding envelope box. Your guests can contribute to the gifts on your wish list by transferring money, which you can use to buy your gifts yourself, wherever and whenever you want! But you can also use Kadolog to simply make a wish list, including the price and, possibly, the details of the webshop where they can be bought. Your friends and family will be able to choose from your list and give you a gift that is sure to please you.

Am I limited to a specific catalogue of products linked to Kadolog?

No, that’s the advantage of Kadolog! You can add anything you can think of: tableware, a trip, nappies, a babysitter, second-hand items, a weekend trip in a hot-air balloon, ... Let your imagination run wild. But, of course, you can also use our integrated search engine to get inspiration from other users’ Kadolog lists. You can add a gift from another list to yours with just one click and then adjust it to your liking. Or use our handy Magic Button. It lets you add all the great stuff from the websites of all your favourite shops (find out more below). And if you don’t want to forget anything on your wedding or baby registry, check out our sample wedding and baby lists for inspiration. Your basic list will be ready in no time, and then you can easily add your own ideas to it.

Do I have to pay to use Kadolog?

Kadolog offers both a free version and a Premium version. Everything will depend on your needs. The free version will allow you to test the Premium version’s paid services so that you can decide whether or not the Premium upgrade would be the right fit for you. For more information, please consult our Pricing page.

What is the difference between a free list and a Premium list?

- What is the difference between a free list and a Premium list?
The difference between our free and Premium services mainly lies in the way you want to receive your gifts.
When you create your list, you will have the option to either receive your gifts in person or to receive the cash equivalent of the gifts directly into your personal bank account.
- The free list: we invite your friends and family to buy the reserved gift in the shop of their choice and to hand it to you in person.
- The Premium list: you will receive the cash equivalent of the gifts into your bank account. You can use the money to buy the gifts yourself, wherever and whenever you want. A 100% free list ;-)

What are the benefits of going Premium?
- You can buy all of the items for your baby yourself in your favourite shops and webshops.
- You are not tied to one shop. You can compare prices, wait for sales, pick up second-hand bargains, … You are in control.
- You will receive the cash equivalent of the gifts directly into your personal bank account, and not through the bank account of a shop/third party.
- You will receive a discount card that entitles you to a 10% discount for one year at the checkout of various shops and webshops for children (and NOT in vouchers as is often the case in shops). This is valid in 250 sales outlets in Belgium and for over 80 participating brands. Only for Belgium
- Your relatives can pay by bank transfer or by card (delivering the gifts personally is also possible).
- You can buy the gifts at the time you want to use them. Sometimes it is handy to buy a gift before the birth of your child (and have it reimbursed via your Kadolog list). You can buy other things later if you don't need them right away.

How can I add a gift to my list?

You have several different options for adding a gift to your list:
1) The search engine: you can enter keywords in our search engine to browse through the tens of thousands of gifts already added by other users.
2) The Magic Button: you can add gifts from any webshop.
3) Creating your own gift: you can add a picture, a price, a description (and possibly the location where the gift can be bought). You can go as crazy as you’d like. It can be an item, a project, a trip, services ... everything is possible.

Can I include second-hand items in my list?

Yes, you certainly can. Many of the baby registries include second-hand items.
Option 1: you want to buy the items yourself. This is a popular choice among moms-to-be. It allows you to choose the perfect item, compare prices, buy things gradually as your due date approaches, ... You can then add a picture of your items to your list, along with the price at which you bought it, and your relatives will be able to reimburse you for the gifts you have already purchased. (So it’s super convenient and clever.)
Option 2: you give your friends and family the option of either buying the second-hand items themselves or offering you items they already have at home. You can fill your baby registry with the items you need for your baby, specifying that you want them second-hand.

In short, on Kadolog, everything is possible!

I want to divide a big gift into several parts, is that possible?

You can divide a large gift into several shares by adapting the price of each part (e.g. a 1,500 euros gift divided into 3 parts of 500 euros). To do this, add the gift to your list and click ‘edit’ underneath the gift. Choose the option to divide into shares or allow free contributions to the gift.

Can I include my honeymoon on Kadolog?

Yes, Kadolog allows you to collect contributions towards your honeymoon. You can, if you wish, break down your trip into different parts to which your friends and family can contribute (e.g. plane journey, a night in a hotel, an excursion, ...). Here is an example of what you can do for your honeymoon list.

Can I choose a gift that several people can purchase together or organise a money pool to which people can participate freely?

Of course you can! You can include one (or more) gift idea(s) and everyone can participate. You can either opt for a free contribution or divide the total amount into shares of 10, 15, 20, ... euros. All you have to do is send the list url to the participants. They can then participate and leave a message. You can gather all of the messages and put them in an envelope to give to the birthday boy or girl on the day of the party. What’s more, all participants will receive an email with payment details! Very easy indeed.

How can I change the order of the gifts?

Go to your list and select ‘Manage gifts’ from the menu. You will then see the list of gifts. You will be able to drag and drop (using the little cross in front of the gifts to drag the gift to the place where you want to put it) to change the order of the gifts in your list. Don’t forget to save these changes.

Can I hide gifts?

Yes, you can hide gifts via the gift management screen. They will no longer appear in your list. You can make them reappear whenever you want.

What is the Magic Button?

The Magic Button is a tool that allows you to add gifts to your wish list from any webshop in just one click.

How can I add a gift?

When you have opened the page of a product you like on a webshop, click on the Magic Button in your bookmarks bar. A blue frame will surround the photo of the product you wish to add. Then click on ‘Add to Wish list’. And there you go ...

Can I protect my list with a password?

Yes, this is possible. To do so, open your list, select ‘List settings’ in the menu on the left and then select the ‘Privacy’ tab. You can then create a password for your list.

How will I know who has given me a gift?

You will be notified as soon as any gift on your list is reserved. Please note that for gifts for which you have selected the option of online payment, you will only be informed when the gift has been paid for. In addition, the tab ‘Received gifts’ will give you a complete overview of all of your reserved gifts (both paid and unpaid).

How can I keep track of my gifts and the amounts received?

You can decide how you want to receive your gifts: whether you prefer to receive the cash equivalent (and buy the gift yourself) or whether your relatives should buy the gifts (and have them delivered/or hand them to you in person).

On the page ‘Received gifts’, you will find all the information for each gift and the chosen receiving method (bank transfer, online payment, ...).

1) Bank transfers are made directly into your bank account by your relatives. Once you have received money into your account, you can manually mark the gift as received to keep your overview up to date.

2) Online payments go through our banking partner, who secures the payments. You can then transfer the amounts to your account at any time and as often as you want (www.kadolog.com/wallet - ‘Transfer’ tab).

3) Gifts purchased and given in person will be given to you by your friends and family directly.

4) Gifts purchased online by your friends and family will be sent to you by post.

How will I receive my gifts?

Kadolog allows you to decide how you want to receive your gifts. You can opt for online payment, bank transfer, cheque (for France), PayPal (only available for countries outside the Euro zone) or to receive them in person. If you select more than one method, your friends and family can choose which of these methods they prefer to use.

How does online payment work?

If you opt for online payment, your relatives can pay for their gift by card on the website (Mastercard, Visa, Bancontact, etc.). You will be able to retrieve your payments at any time and transfer them to your own bank account.

Why haven’t I received some online payments?

There are several possible reasons for this. It is possible that the person has not (yet) made the payment or the payment has failed. Online payments between individuals are better monitored and regulated. There are many reasons why an online payment can be refused: wrong pin code, session failed, no credit on the card, suspicion of fraud, ...

My documents have been refused. What should I do?

Sometimes our banking partner refuses documents … but don’t panic, we are here to help you and we always find a solution.
First of all, please check the following things:
- Have you entered only one single first name and one last name for your online payments? Even if you are a couple, the documents must be uploaded in only one person’s name.
- Is the name you indicated the same as the name mentioned on the uploaded documents?
- Does your IBAN proof mention the following four essential elements: your name and surname in full, the bank’s logo and your IBAN number (for example: your RIB certificate or a photo of your Bancontact card).
- Is the document photographed in full and is the photo perfectly legible?
If none of these points are a problem, then contact us and we will find a solution together.

Can I disable online payment on my list?

You can deactivate your choice of online payment at any time and choose another option for receiving your gifts (in person, via bank transfer, etc.). To do this, select ‘List settings’ in the menu and then select ‘General information’ to change the receiving method.

How will I receive my discount codes?

Once you have paid for your Premium subscription for your baby or wedding registry, you have direct access to your discount codes, which are listed here: (you must be logged in to access the discount codes).

Why can’t I change my list’s title and welcome text?

To change your list’s parameters, go to ‘list settings’ in the menu on the left of your list.
Please note: You cannot reuse an old Premium list for another event (e.g. reusing an old wedding list to create a baby registry, reusing the baby registry of your first child for the second, ...). In this case, you will have to create another list. Please note that your Premium lists will remain active as long as you want, there is no closing date. You can continue to receive gifts through your lists for as long as you want. However, 12 months after the subscription date you will no longer be able to change the settings.

Are you still searching for the answer to your question?

If you did not find the answer to your question above, do not hesitate to ask us.

Kadolog is a platform which makes it possible to its users to manage their lists of gifts. Kadolog is not intermediate in the transaction. We will not be able to provide you with an invoice. On the other hand, a proof document available via your confirmation e-mail.
If the confirmation e-mail of your reservation is not clear enough and you do not see how to concretize your gift, it is that the owner of the list did not specify how he wanted to be cherished. Do not hesitate to contact him directly to have more information. You will be able to easily do it via his list by clicking on the link “Contact Kadologger”.
It is our users who decide how they want to receive their gift. So we advice you to directly contact the person whom you want to please, via his list by clicking on the link “Contact Kadologger” to see whether an alternative is possible.
If you do not find the confirmation email, check in your undesirable mails or other automatic filter folders. If it is not there, contact Kadolog via the form below and specify your name and the list on which the gift was booked. We will send it back to you as fast as possible.
In the confirmation email that you received, you have a link which enables you to cancel this reservation. Attention, you have 7 days to cancel it yourself. You will be able then to redo the reservation.
No problem, your reservation is still valid. If your payment did not go through, you will receive a link by email inviting you to restart your online payment.
Enter the first name OR last name of one of the owners of the list (not both) on the following page: https://www.kadolog.com/en/search/kadolog_item. Please note that for double surnames you need to use quotation marks "" (e.g. "Van Elst", "de Moreau"). If you cannot find the list via the search engine, it is possible that the list has been hidden by the owners. In this case, you will need the direct link, which is probably indicated on the invitation or birth announcement.
If you paid by bank transfer, we will not be able to answer your question. The donated money is paid directly into the bank account of the list owners. If you paid via online payment (Visa, Mastercard, Bancontact, ...), you should have received an email confirming the receipt of your payment.
To accelerate your request, indicate your reservation number here.
To accelerate your request, indicate here the family name of the owners of the list
If the answer given below does not help you, do not hesitate to contact us directly.
Make sure that you provided your last name(s) and first name(s) on your user profile. Make sure that your list is not hidden.
To configure your own URL, you must have subscribed to the Extra pack for your list and you will then be able, via the settings of your list, to define it yourself.
To remove a list, go within the setings of your list and to activate the button “remove” at the bottom of the page.
To remove your account, send to us a small message while being logged in on the system, via the form below.
If you use online payment, all donations will be paid into your wallet. You will be able to manage and retrieve your payments at any time and transfer them to your own bank account with a single click. To do this, go to the menu on the left of your list and click on 'Online payments' and then on the 'Transfer' tab.
To change your account number, please provide us with your IBAN number in the box below. We will take care of it for you.
If the answer given below does not help you, do not hesitate to contact us directly.
If the answer given below does not help you, do not hesitate to contact us directly.
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