Little Miss Locke

Bonjour à tous!

En attendant notre petite Miss Locke, nous préparons son arrivée.

Parce que vous nous demandez souvent ce qui nous ferait plaisir ou ce dont nous aurions besoin... Avec cette liste de naissance, vous êtes sûrs de tomber juste ! Tous nos essentiels et coups de coeur y sont rassemblés.

Nous vous remercions déjà d'avance pour toutes ces attentions.

Nathalie et Elliott
Hi everyone!

We're busy getting ready for the arrival of our Little Miss Locke!
Since you're all eagerly asking us what we'd need to help us make her welcome in this world, we created a list of items that we think will help her (and us) get off to the right start!

Thank you so much for your help in this new saga in our lives; our appreciation goes beyond thank you!

Elliott and Nathalie

P.S. We've put prices in euros since we'll buy these items in Europe (otherwise, it starts to get complicated with customs and international shipping). If you would prefer sending dollars directly, you can do so by sending a transfer to the account mentioned here: (it's under Elliott's full name which is Elliott Saunders Locke). Thank you again!!