Wedding registry - Renovation of Victoria and Jack's home

You can get inspired and have some nice ideas to compose your own "renovation/home improvement" list.

Don't hesitate to take some ideas from the list below and of course create others in your image... Thanks to Kadolog, you can involve your friends and family in concrete things. You can add all the ideas that come to mind, add a nice little text and your own illustrations that you can download from your computer.

It's always so much more fun for your friends and family to participate in concrete things :-)

2 m2 of parquet flooring

A nice oak floor of our living room !


Beautiful wallpapers

For our dining room and our living room !


A plan B

For renting a room, a caravan, a mobile home, ... in short for a plan B in case our house is not finished in time :-)


A weekly yoga session

To stay zen ... during the whole renovation :-)


Two bathroom mirrors

Mirror beautiful mirror ! Even if some mornings, we could do without it ;-) this mirror will fit perfectly in our bathroom


A picture for our entrance

A large black and white board for our entrance hall!


A helping hand for a day

You have a handyman's soul, hidden talents... A little help will always be welcome! A great wedding gift to share with us!


A professional for plumbing

... a real one, because Victoria tried, but frankly, it's not easy.


A professional for the electrical installation

... a real one because even if Jack is not doing too badly, a helping hand would be wiser.


Participation in the installation of the heating

To avoid having our little feet frozen under the duvet


One m2 of bricks

For the construction of a garage next to our house.


Participation in the purchase of furniture for our future kitchen

If you would like to help us with our kitchen renovation project. It's for this kitchen that we've been eyeing for a while now!