Our wedding registry - Honey Moon

Here is the wedding registry that Victoria and Jack created on Kadolog to finance their honeymoon. You can use it as inspiration and get some nice ideas to compose your own "honeymoon" registry.  

Don't hesitate to take some ideas from the list below and of course create others in your image... Thanks to Kadolog, you will be able to involve your friends and family in the concrete steps of your honeymoon, you can add a nice text and illustrations that you can download from your computer.

It's always so much nicer for your loved ones to participate in concrete things :-)


1000 km flight by plane

You can offer us the journey to our destination in batches of "1000 km". For the return journey, we'll see ... it depends on whether we decide to come back ;-)


A nice suitcase

Because a suitcase is always useful and you can never have too many :-)


A massage in the hotel spa

Vacations "I forget everything"...a reflexology session in the hotel spa and a massage on the beach.


A rental car on site

Needed to get around the place and to blend in with the landscape...


A candlelight dinner on the beach

A candlelight dinner on the beach


A slightly more recent camera

To immortalize this beautiful trip and share it with you! Our camera still works with film.


Elephant ride

We are both a little bit afraid of heights... but it seems that it is magic!


A great cab with trailer

To take us and our luggage to the airport!


Public transportation on site

with LOTS of room on the roof...always those damn suitcases!


Our passports

Because without passport... it's going to be a bit complicated to leave ;-)


Two days on a desert island

Because we are big fans of "Survivor" and going on an adventure doesn't scare us.


A day with the dolphins

Probably Sophie's dearest wish!


A duo diving course

Even if Jack has already passed his PADI (diving diploma)... Victoria still has some progress to make. A small course to be able to dive as a couple would be great


2 delicious cocktails

To drink to your health and thinking of you. Possibility to offer several of them too ;-)


A night in a dream hotel

To take it easy and do nothing, to dream, to remake the world, to imagine our future life...


A great breakfast in our room

So that Jack can take notes and do it again at home!


A letter to our bosses

...to explain them that we're not coming back! :-)


Donation for a local association

Because where we are going, a donation can make a difference; donations will be given directly to a local association that is close to our hearts.


Good walking shoes for Sophie

Otherwise our trip might end badly...


A little bit of reading to take in our luggage.

For nice books for the plane or the beach :-)


A good sun cream

So as not to be roasted like chickens...and be confused with crayfish...because the sun gives you wrinkles, because it's not good, because...because...


Climbing a mountain

during 3 days (or more...it depends on the person who will offer Victoria walking boots).


A surf lesson

To spice up our trip! Because Jack dreams about it and Victoria finds it terribly sexy!


Beautiful matching hand luggage for both of us

To show off a little at the airport and because we like to travel together.


A Volkswagen Beetle ride

A ride with a picnic stop on the beach!


A visit to the penguins

Victoria doesn't know where we are going...it's still a secret !


Contribution to our honeymoon

Shhh..... Victoria doesn't know where we are going :-)